Discovery for Teens A 7 Day life skills Programme for teenagers aged 14 to 18.

Discovery for Kids DFK A weekend workshop for kids 12 to 13 years


Ron Ngata

Ron Ngata has trained with Dr Rosenberg and other trainers overseas and locally since 1999. He has provided community workshops in Aotearoa since 2004, working with Lifeline Counsellors, educators, youth mentoring programmes, Problem Gambling Services and other domestic violence workers.  In 2006, Ron became a certified trainer with the Centre for Nonviolent Communication and in 2008 became a certification assessor with CNVC’s Education Services Team. Ron is a CNVC certified trainer.

Susie Spiller

Susie has studied NVC since 2004 and has studied with Marshall Rosenberg, Robert Gonzales and many others whose influences are rich and passionate contributions to her work.

Susie is full of integrity and totally authentic when it comes to body, mind and soul.  Her passion is working at the heart of social change and she lives at Earthsong Eco Neighbourhood where she actively teaches NVC and works with Restorative Circles.

She is committed to introducing Nonviolent Communication to New Zealand and is presently in the process of becoming a certified trainer.

Filipa Hope

Filipa is currently offering Foundation Trainings in Hastings. She is interested in supporting a local practice group.

Filipa welcomes enquiries:, 0274513445, 06-8799281

Anna Groves

Anna is a CNVC Certified Trainer and Secondary School Teacher who has worked extensively with NVC Trainers from the USA, Australia and Aotearoa NZ.  She has been facilitating NVC Trainings since 2007 and is a board member of NVC Aotearoa NZ Trust.  Anna specialises in working with adolescents, labelling herself as a “youth translator” and is committed to supporting harmonious relationships between adults and youth.  Due to her background in Dance and Physical Theatre, her trainings have an interactive and fun flavour.

Trainings: Range from 2 hour presentations to full weekend workshop. Designed to fit your organisation/community and fit your budget.

Mediation: Parent/Teen Mediation Package. Contact Anna for more details.

Interest Areas: Schools/Education, Parenting, Relationships, Youth Programs, Mediation/Conflict Resolution, Business, Social Change.

To book a training in your area please contact Anna – – 027 299 2991

Sophia Tara

Sophia is based in Wellington.

Paxe Archer

Paxe has trained in NZ and the US with many wonderful teachers, and has been presenting NVC in the South Island, mainly Nelson, for 4 yrs.  She offers foundation trainings in public workshops, and also in-house courses for specific groups.  Occasionally facilitating practice groups, doing one-on-one coaching, or mediation.

She has a background of facilitating personal growth workshops and gatherings over a period of 15 yrs, and is currently involved in a Rites of Passage Program for young women.  She also works as a choir leader and marriage celebrant.

She lives in Golden Bay and can be contacted at:

Scott Mieras

We mourn the passing of our dear friend Scott.




Steve, Jen, Turtle & Dawa – Survival & Bush Awareness

Steve, Jen, Turtle & Dawa from HUMAN live in Otaki Forks (about an hour out of Wellington).

Steve & Jen have spent many years living simply and eating wildfoods and being/working in the outdoors (that’s outside the indoors) in New Zealand and around this beautiful Earth. At the beginning of 2007 they participated in six weeks intensive training at Tom Brown Jr’s tracking, awareness & survival school in the USA.

Practising and sharing this knowledge is their passion. They hope to share it with seven generations – those that have been before us, those living now and those still to come.

Steve has spent thirteen years in the outdoor adventure industry, learning wild foods, and working with people of all ages. Since 2004 he has focused on survival, nature awareness, ancestral skills, and back to the basics of being a human.

Jenny is a qualified midwife, a sacred birthing midwife and absolute advocate of natural birth. She has dabbled in the outdoor adventure industry and in 2005 she too began the journey into the realm of survival, nature awareness and wildfoods.

They do all of this for our children Turtle and Dawa, singing the Earth and all it’s fruit back into existance, for their great grandchildren, and for anyone that wishes to keep this knowledge alive.

At the moment, Steve, Jen, Turtle, Dawa, Deb & Wayne have our heads and hearts together in planning a Family weekend of Nature Awareness & NVC.

Manfred Friedrich

_MG_1061Manfred is known as a passionate advocate for Agile Methodologies and has worked on large scalable systems for nearly 20 years. As a specialist in real-time trading systems, his roles have included project management of mission critical projects and the introduction of Agile Principles for Europe’s leading financial institutions.
While Agile Principle became mainstream, Manfred was left with the question why those principals got only applied for teams at the bottom of organizations while the rest of the organization would not implement collaborative methods. In 2004 Manfred set out to find a governance model for a better way to lead organizations. He founded several companies as a playground for new leadership models. In 2012 one of his projects got acknowledged as a finalist for The Best Workplace in New Zealand.
Today Manfred’s focus is leadership development, he provides training and coaches the implementation of Holacracy (aka Dynamic Governance, Sociocracy). Furthermore, he offers workshops in mediation and personal self development.
His vision: highly utilised people and collaboration, equivalence while enhancing individual and group effectiveness, help people to truly enjoy ‘Their’ workplaces, leading to excellent and economic viable organizations.

To contact Manfred:


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